Torneria Tosi processes the following types of plastic materials:

  • Polyethylene (PE):  also known as polyzene, this is one of the most commonly-used plastics because of its specific properties. It is light and resistant to water, chemicals, alcohol and gasoline. It comes in a variety of colours like classic white, green, black and blue.
  • Acetal resin (POM): also known as Derlin, this is a resin with excellent mechanical properties. It is very strong and inflexible. It is widely used in mechanical engineering to replace parts made of aluminum, bronze or brass. It has good machinability properties and can be used for parts that are subject to wear, such as roller shells, bushes, gears and levers. It is available in a number of different colours and can be used in any sector.
  • Nylon (PA6): this material is highly resistant to degradation and is used in many different sectors. However, as it is also very elastic, it is more difficult to process. It is generally used for making bushes and gears, but can also be used for other parts. Being hygroscopic it is recommended for mechanical parts that come into direct contact with food or liquids.
  • Vulkollan®: a very elastic resin, similar to rubber. It has high resistance to mechanical wear and a low compression rate. Due to its high mechanical resistance it is widely used in engineering where a shock-resistant and anti-vibration solution is required.
  • Teflon (PTFE): this plastic material is referred to as "non-stick" because of its peculiarity of having a finish that is very smooth to the touch. It is heat resistant up to 300°. It is highly machinable but has poor resistance to wear and impact. It is not widely used in engineering however, as it is easily compressed and relatively expensive.
  • PVC: a tough and durable material. Amongst other properties it is fire-resistant and self-extinguishing. It is also weatherproof, which makes it a good electrical insulator. It has restricted use in precision mechanics compared to other plastic materials, but is inexpensive and highly workable.


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